The Hottest Under-Hyped Sneakers Right Now

Today (September 22nd), I visited four of New York City’s hottest sneaker spots and asked employees, “What are the hottest under-hyped sneakers, you have?”

Dressed like non-sneaker head, with a colorful Camo Kimono Cardigan and Henley Tee from Scotch and Soda, skinny jeans from H&M, and some broken in brown leather Chukka Boots that I got a few years ago from Aldo; these employees had no idea I was a reformed sneakerhead from the 90’s.

The employees at Extra Butter, Kith, and SneakersNStuff were super cool and knowledgeable; FlightClub … not so much, but more on that later.

Fusion 2.0 (Turtoise Shell/Bracken)  $140 at Extra Butter

Fusion 2.0 (Turtoise Shell/Bracken) $140 at Extra Butter

Carlo at Extra Butter, chose the Kahru Fusion 2.0 (pictured above). From comfort, style, and an array of colorways; this brand from Finland offers everything a sneakerhead could ask for. Last year, Kanye West was spotted wearing a pair; and sneakerheads still slept on these (and Kanye’s other favorites, the Nike Flyknit Trainer). After speaking with Carlo, it was clear he was passionate about the sneaker culture, but also knew his shit. Shout out to Carlo!

Air Max 95 OG (String / Olive)  $160 at Kith

Air Max 95 OG (String / Olive) $160 at Kith

Nike ACG Dog Mountain (Black / Equator Blue / Dark Grey)  $110 at Kith

Nike ACG Dog Mountain (Black / Equator Blue / Dark Grey) $110 at Kith

Frank at Kith, chose the Nike Air Max 95 OG in String/Olive and I was pretty surprised the “hypebeasts” aren’t jumping on this sneaker. Yes, the colorway isn’t the Solar Red or the Lime Green joints, but these are an OG colorway and they’re super dope; especially for the Fall. Frank mentioned the Nike Air Max 1, which I was also surprised by.

While at Kith, I also asked the Security Guard because Frank kept ping ponging ideas with him when I asked what the most under-hyped sneaker was. The Security Guard chose the Nike ACG Dog Mountain in Black / Equator Blue / Dark Grey (I personally liked the Summit White ones). So overall, Frank and the Security Guard at Kith were helpful and I liked their selections.

Air Jordan Retro High OG (Shadow)

Air Jordan Retro High OG (Shadow)

Anonymous Retail Person #3 at Flight Club chose the Air Jordan Retro High OG in the Shadow colorway. Now let me explain Flight Club for those who have never been there or know what it is. Flight Club is a consignment shop for sneakers and the market dictates the prices. Now you go into Flight Club and you are presented with just about every major sneaker released in every colorway imaginable. You can find anything from a basic pair of Vans to a $30,000 pair of Derek Jeter Jordan 11s.

Now that I said good things about them, now it’s time for my quick rant. The customer service at Flight Club is pretty nonexistent. The employees play with their phones, all have faces, and seem bothered when you ask for help. I understand that for most of them it’s a job and dealing with needy tourists can be annoying. I get it, I worked at Apple Fifth Avenue for nearly 4 years.

So anyway, after spending maybe 10 minutes or so browsing; I looked for someone who looked like they’d rather be elsewhere. This young gentleman was playing on his phone and I asked him, “what are the most under-hyped sneakers?” He looked confused as if I asked him if X-Y=C, how many pigeons fly south in November? He repeated the question and said, “the Jordan 1 Shadow.”

I was very unimpressed with that answer. If you know anything about sneakers and Jordans, the Jordan 1 is far from under-hyped. It’s just about everyone’s favorite Jordan silhouette. It’s simple and goes with everything; and comes in a million different colorways. Even I own a pair of all-black Jordan 1s. It’s the sneakers I wear when it’s raining. I looked at this kid, said thank you, and bounced.

Nike Air Max 1 Premium Retro (Dark Curry/True White/Sport Blue/Black)  $149 at SneakersNStuff

Nike Air Max 1 Premium Retro (Dark Curry/True White/Sport Blue/Black) $149 at SneakersNStuff

Jada at SneakersNStuff, chose the Nike Air Max 1. She said they’re one of the cleanest Nike Air Max and aren’t overly hyped. She said if someone wants a dope pair of sneakers, you can’t go wrong with these. Another pair of sneakers she picked that I was a little surprised about were the Alexander Wang collab with Adidas. I thought they were really hyped, but apparently the only people buying them are those that are really into Adidas. We had a brief conversation about Off-White and Yeezy, and I think the general consensus among people who are really into sneakers is yeah, some things are way overhyped. Yeezy’s, for example, are the most requested sneaker among young and old hypebeasts and while most would agree they’re super comfortable, there are other options.

If you’re wondering what my choice for the hottest under-hyped sneaker is, it’s the Reebok DMX Series 2000 x Swizz Beatz in Mars Dust / Chalk.

Reebok DMX Series 2000 x Swizz Beatz (Mars Dust / Chalk)  $140 at Reebok

Reebok DMX Series 2000 x Swizz Beatz (Mars Dust / Chalk) $140 at Reebok

I personally think these sneakers are hard (slang for dope, which is slang for cool, which is slang for fashionably attractive). The color is very on-trend (see my post on the hottest colors of 2019), the design is fire (which is slang for hard), and DMX technology is super comfortable.

What sneakers do you think are dope but are under-hyped? Leave a comment below!