Interview: Alexis Chaparro

On Friday, September 28th I went to the International Boxing & Fitness Gym in Ridgewood, Queens to meet with Alexis “Chop Chop” Chaparro. Alexis is a two-time National Champion and is currently the number one fighter in New York City and third in the country at 165 pounds, but when he isn’t in the ring, he’s representing Ridgewood on runways from New York to Milan. Represented by NEXT Models, he’s already shared the stage with Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner walking for the likes of Versace and Jeremy Scott, in just four months of modeling.


How did you get into modeling?


To be honest it wasn't even something I really thought I would do. My mom had been trying to talk me into modeling for years, but I had really bad acne so I wasn’t into it, so I just kept on boxing. A few people kept saying I should model, and I brushed it off like yeah whatever, but when my mother’s agent hit me up and said I really think you should model, I said alright I’ll give it a try. A few days after that, he set up a meeting with Next Models and now it’s something that I love to do.


So, how long has it been since you started modeling? 

I've been modeling for about four months now.


In four months, who have you worked with?

In my first four months, I’ve done shows for Jeremy Scott, CFDA, Prabal Gurung, CFDA, Versace, Carlos Campos, and Willy Chavarria. I also have a campaign coming out soon with Jeremy Scott.


What's it like working with Jeremy Scott.

He's a great man. You can tell he really cares about what he's doing because he's one hundred percent focused. When working with him, he’ll be cool and laid back, but when it’s time to get to business, it’s time to get to business; but it’s always fun working with him.


Even though, you’re now representing some of the top designers in the world, I see you like to show love to local brands like Madison New York. What is it about them that you like?

Their store is right on the corner of my house, so I’ve been shopping there way before I started modeling. Since now I have a platform, I figured I’d try to help put their name out there a little more because they’ve given me free stuff and have also helped me out at times; so I figured, why not help them out.


So far, what’s been the most interesting show that you’ve done?

I would say my debut with the Versace. I had just started modeling and two weeks later, my agency said we want to send you to Italy and I couldn’t believe it. I was like wow, in just two weeks of modeling, I’m going to be in Italy walking for Versace. Some people wait years or their whole lives for this opportunity; so, when they presented it to me I said yes and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.



How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style is influenced by rap music. I’m from New York, so you know I like my Polo White Tees, Air Force Ones and Timberlands; that’s all me. I don’t like my clothes too tight or too loose, I like them to be fitted. Obviously, when I’m doing shows or photo shoots for magazines and campaigns, my style is going to be different; but when I’m just hanging out my style is influenced by rap culture.


What is your favorite denim brand?

Alexis: G-Star. I love Mike Amiri, but I can’t afford them yet – laughs.

Last but not least, which ones are hotter: The Jeremy Scott Adidas with the Teddy Bears on them or the Jeremy Scott Adidas with the Wings?

The Wings

Follow Alexis on Instagram @thereal_chopchop and look out for his upcoming campaign with Jeremy Scott and Moschino.