Emilio Martinez

How to buy jeans

Emilio Martinez
How to buy jeans

If you’re anything like me, you love jeans; however, I hate seeing people with jeans that don’t fit right. There are a ton of different fits, styles, washes, etc; so there will never be a one size fits all solution for jeans, but how the jean fits is SUPER important.

In my opinion, Slim Fit jeans are perfect for everyone. It’s not too baggy, it’s not too tight; you can hem them to give them a more polished look; or you can leave them a little longer for a more casual look. You can roll them up, the possibilities are endless.

Skinny jeans on the other hand, are tricky. If you are too skinny, you can look sick; if you are too muscular, you look dumb; and if they’re too tight, you just might get a yeast infection. Sometimes I see guys wearing skinny jeans on their way to work, and they tuck their shirts in and they just look stupid.

Skinny jeans are generally casual jeans. At no point should you ever tuck in your shirt into a skinny jean. Ever. You can 100% dress up skinny jeans with a button down, sweater, shoes, boots, jacket, etc; and be fly; just don’t tuck in your shirt.

But if you’re like me and have big legs, skinny jeans aren’t always the most flattering choice. You don’t want to walk around looking like a FashionNova model; so you have to try the jeans on. If you can see your meat, your pants are too tight. If you can see the cuts in your quads like homeboy above, your pants are too tight.

So what do you do when you want something a little more fitted than a Slim Fit, but a skinny jean isn’t quite working for you? You can look one of two things:

  • A Tapered Slim Fit (or a carrot jean)

  • A Tailor

A tapered slim or carrot jean, is looser than a skinny in the thighs, but narrower than a slim in the calves. If you can’t find a carrot jean; you can always take your jeans to a tailor. I’ve been going to the tailor since I was a teenager, so note that it’s important to not only find a good tailor; but to keep the same one. It makes alterations a lot more efficient when they already know what you want done when you bring them a pair of pants.

Last but not least is your straight fit. This is typically the swaggerless cut your dad might wear, but loose jeans are not your enemy; you just have to know how to style them. If you aren’t into streetwear or trendy looks; avoid this fit at all costs. Straight fit and loose fitting jeans are only cool if you are.